Feuardent Jetons de France

Collection des Jetons Francais en argent

Felix Bienaimé Feuardent (1819-1907)Felix Feuardent
Numismatist. Member of the Société des antiquaires de Normandie. - Daguerréotypiste amateur working after 1850 in Cherbourg-Octeville (Manche). - Associated with Camille Rollin (18..-1906) in 1860 and formed the auction-house Rollin et Feuardent.

F. Feuardent collected the jetons of France and he published them in 4 books in 1871.

What is a jeton:
Originally the jetons were tokens that were used by the tax inspectors for making calculations. On a big board (or piece of cloth) with lines they put the jetons and the position of the jeton decided the value of the calculation.
In later years, when calculations were made on paper, the jetons were still popular and they were made on special occasions and were handed out to attendants.
This explains why early jetons are mostly worn and later jetons are often in crispy condition.

More than 10.000 different jetons were made in France and a complete catalog can never be made.
The work of Felix Feuardent is regarded is the most complete catalog and his numbering still is the standard for most collectors, dealers and auctions.

The French jetons are very undervalued. Most jetons are made in low quantities, are of beautiful design, are well preserved. They memorize a historical event. And still they can be obtained below $ 100 or € 100. That's a bargain.